12 Free iPhone Apps Store Items

The new iPhone applications are actually, pretty fun. I haven’t paid for one yet, but the freebies work decent.

a) First I’m going to guess that the new iPhone software helps battery conservation. I swear the power is lasting longer now. I used to leave the wifi on and boof, the phone is dead. But now it seems to give me some more juice.

b) You can’t help but check out the app store button every so often. I used to surf for web apps on computer, but now I don’t have to. Hit that button and see what you get for free or on the cheap.
c) The GPS works great. I’ve already pulled over (yes, we have hands free law in California) many times to see where I’m at and to find where I’m going. It’s bailed me out a few times now. I still do it caveman style, I’ll map myself, then I’ll just look around for the streets I’m trying to find, I’m sure typing it is easier, but I always think I’m faster doing it my way. 
d) The new software update actually prolonged me needing to get the new 3G version. The old one seems fine.
Here’s the 12 Apps Store items.
1) AIM, enough said, that’s going to work, and it’s probably better than meebo. It loads faster too. You still can’t get multiple chats going in one open window, and it would be nice if it could stay up while you check email since sometimes that’s what chatting is about. You chat, send an email, chat, send another email, etc. Links too for that matter. We all need to get Rickrolled on the iPhone.
2) Remote control your iTunes if you’re on a network. Great if you’re into music and your laptop is going to be your jukebox.
3) Jott, what was this for? It’s some kind of recording software for sound. I tried it and there has to be a better one.
4) Facebook. Yes, this works great. It loads what you and your friends are doing. It optimized just right. 
5) NY Times. Want the news? This loads quick and looks better than the LA Times optimized version. Get on it, my people! 
6) Twitterific. Twitter of course, works great and better. Slowly the iPhone, Twitter, and Facebook are going to bring more people together just by those hourly updates. Will Twitter survive, now that Facebook’s little updater is becoming used so much?
7) Ebay. Follow them auctions and again, it loads quick and easy to use. It’s no frills.
8) Where – Whrrl – etc. Which one is going to win and become the “social networking” Yelp for Iphone. Or is one of the regulars like Yelp going to step up and take it all away.
9) Aol Radio. When in need, you got radio and lots of it on the iphone. The thing is where can I tune into Jim Rome?
10) Google. Duh.
11) Shazam – haven’t tried it yet, but you’re supposed to be able to put the phone near a music source, and it’ll ID it for you. So when you’re in a mall and the muzak sounds great. Raise that iPhone.
12) Phone Saber – yes, turns the phone into a light saber. It sounds like a light saber, looks like one, swing it around and it sounds like one. When you get angry, pull out the saber and slice the padawans down. This is the one I use most.