Jerky Cupcakes Cheese and Doughnuts

Hanging out with artist David Choe leads you to eat food everywhere. First stop after breakfast. Ling Kee Beef Jerky. We know what beef jerky is in the USA. It’s a Slim Jim or that super dry stuff at liquor stores. But Chinese do it best. It’s soft and more like a dried BBQ meat. I’d suggest the spicy pork, it’s amazing. David Choe told me a story about him being on an airplane. He pulled out the jerky and the woman next to him who was sleeping, woke up. She then asked the stewardess for some beef jerky. Duh. I actually saved a piece for the plane ride home from NY today. It was great. Here’s a Yelp link to them. Would you really think they’d have a site?! 42 Canal Street.

More Lower East Side cupcakes Sugar Sweet Sunshine. 126 Rivington Street

What looks like a coffee house, is now a cupcake spot.

I like chocolate. I haven’t eaten anything like this in a while. It was quite great. Chocolate on chocolate. Just when I thought cupcakes were ending, it’s still growing. 

From my seat inside, I saw a kid outside trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I don’t know why, but I thought that was cool.

In the Essex Street Market is Saxelby Cheesemongers. 120 Essex street
It’s a small one person walk up counter where you can get cheese. All kinds. I don’t eat this, but David likes cheese that spells like fart. The cool thing is that the cheese have signs and tells you exactly where it’s from. Most are from the East Coast, and the written signs which have great explanations make you want to buy everything even when you dislike cheese. What a great idea. 

She had a great sense of humor. It’s her shop and knows her craft.

Doughnut Plant is in the Lower East Side as well. It’s a great spot and has 10 shops in Japan! I like the square shaped doughnuts. See the one in the middle with the square sign? I got that one and ate it today. On the plane. These doughnuts are among the best I’ve had. I think it was in a GR issue way back in the day. Even the woman at the counter is Japanese. I remember over a decade ago, this area was so different. Now, hipster Japanese girls come here and eat doughnuts. Dean and DeLuca still sells these as well. 379 Grand Street

I guess I won’t be eating for a week.

I forgot to add, we also ate some fried chicken at this Asian place. Supposedly it’s healthy. Then there was a BBQ complete with shrimp, burgers, and more at Dave’s place in Chinatown. This is a photo from outside of the market. I think the twin towers would have been in this photo. The sad thing is that I’m not sure.