Hot Doggery – Gray’s Papaya

Open 24 hours. Gray’s Papaya… It’s a trip that it’s Filipino dudes who run this place, but late, it’s the perfect cheapo snack. The red stuff is onion, and you get 2 dogs and a drink for 3.50. The hot dog isn’t bad. It’s just a snack and I wouldn’t bet it’s the best or anything like that. The drink… why not try the papaya juice, there’s signs everywhere saying it’ll help you digest. Papaya supposedly has some special enzyme that helps you break down your food. That’s what there’s “papaya pills” to aid in digestion.
It gets sketchy late at 37 and 8th. There’s a porno video store, a bar, and dudes in doo-rags walking around and they’re not eating hotdogs.