Asian Cinevision ACV

The NY version of the Asian American International Film Festivals is set to start this thursday in New York City. Me being a westcoaster and actually have a feature film in it (yeah, it’s forgotten), in 1997 or was it 1998 is long past. Wayne Wang is back in the saddle again with the opening night film, Princess of Nebraska – which somehow reminds me of the U2 song title, Angel of Harlem. I guess it’s similar in an SAT test sort of way. 

For you NY’ers, I’ll be out there in full force maybe as part of the Directors Chair site. I’ll be interviewing filmmakers and such for the site, and I’ll be around thurs and friday and maybe saturday. If you see me around, please say hello. Meanwhile if you want, see me interview a bunch of filmmakers, producers, and actors. Click on that link above.