Buddhist Temple yard sale scores

So who cares? A plane, a tin airport, some firetrucks. I guess at one time, an airport set was cool. It was when flight was still glam. Remember days way back where you almost felt like you had to dress up to get in a plane? As a small kid, there were days like that. The idea of airbus didn’t exist. The word bus and plane couldn’t be in the same sentence, much less now one word. There was no Southwest, JetBlue, or Virgin, instead it was Pan Am where the stewardesses were all so hot and dressed to impress. There was actually cool silverware, and cups, and detail. So the kit above may not look it, but it embodies a time that’s long gone. Meanwhile, look at the graphics of the Chinese Checkers set. 

Ok sounds gross but rice picker hat circle jerk. First one done, wins. Easy cleaning that becomes fish food in the pond. Yes, I’m gross.
Whoa there. Doggie. Looks at the kid holding up the table for the people in the cyclos.
This one is odd. He’s even wearing getta.

Strip checkers
That looks like a female Long Duk Dong in the back. The kid leaning on the lady is weird.