WLA Buddhist Temple Yard Sale

Yard Sale! Some people look at a Yard Sale and wonder why people are digging through other people’s discarded shit. It’s not people with the true need for “stuff” who go to these, it’s bargain hunters, antiquers, and ebayers. I fit in the latter for sure, and while the folks at the WLA Buddhist temple wonder why would a guy who own shops filled with “stuff” would be looking around, my answer to that is: it’s because I look around that I own shops filled with “stuff”. 

Lines form 2 hours early. I went to one maybe five years ago, and it was actually larger than they’ve become. It’s still cool and there’s plenty of great things, but they get swapped up in moments, literally. I didn’t wait in line, and just walked in when everyone else was in.
One woman showed up and tried to cut in, I didn’t understand why she’s say it was unfair that she had a wait for everyone else to go in before she did. Some people are just ridiculous. I’m glad they didn’t let her in because she raised a stink. People (yes both men and women) can’t get awarded for being bitchy.
See the Chinese checkers set in the bottom right corner? That’s now mine.
I particularly like seeing the fishing gear. It’s very Japanese American for a yard sale to have this. It made me laugh that while, book, toys, clothing were in sections and fairly haphazard, this got it’s own “table cloth” and table. If it were anywhere else, all this would be shoved in a box with the poles pointing towards the sky. This means a lot to me for some reason.
Indoors, it’s Japanese stuff. Kimonos, pottery, cups and more. Again, this is something you’d only see at a Buddhist Temple yard sale in LA.
This bike was small. I hope he bought it for himself.
If I could do the voice of that woman… 
“Wicker baskets! I love these. Easter’s almost here.”
There was a time, when I’d want all of those suitcases in the background. I refrained.
The cool thing is there’s plenty of people to help out. Everywhere you looks there’s a volunteer.
The covered section up front has the nicer stuff like jewelry. There was always a crowd of people there. It’s a nice hot saturday in Southern California and it’s officially yard sale season.