Takashi Murakami Monogramouflage Louis Vuitton line, at Steve Wynn Las Vegas

I get a call inviting me to Takashi Murakami’s unveiling of his new line of Louis Vuitton bags, Monogramouflage. It’s made appearances at the Brooklyn Museum, and yesterday June 16th, it made a one day appearance at the Louis Vuitton in the Wynn Hotel. A line formed outside, of course, they were checking credentials, and at the same, I saw a Wynn K-9 unit probably there to sniff out bombs. It was 6pm, and the scene inside was mellow. A DJ, bags, people, drinks, snacks, and people buying bags.

Some of the designs are on denim, like the above.
I preferred the more solid, leather looking pieces. I did hear them say it was coated canvas.
Sort of like a retro aviation jacket.
Alexander got a roller bag

The scarf looks nice. That little thing is an iphone or ipod holder.
Yes, it’s limited. Look for it more widespread on July 1st.
This is the Speedy 35. If I were getting a bag, this would be it. 
It was strange, no one recognized Takashi for a while. We were hanging out talking for a while, then once one autograph happened, a quick line formed. Sayonara bro! He got mobbed. That too is the Speedy 35

Steve Wynn, Takashi Murakami, and Dennis Hopper! That’s why the K9 was there first. That’s Steve Wynn’s wife in the dots.
At SW – a restaurant in the Wynn. Guess who’s place this is? The chopped salad was quite great. 
Takashi’s film showed on the white screen/waterfall. It lights up, there’s a lake in front of it, and it has a crazy Hollywood Bowl feeling. It was only a 12 minute piece, but it was quite grand. Two screenings and a short opening speech. Takashi’s been to Vegas years before, he told me it was 8 or 9 and liked the crazy theatrics at the hotels.

Keep in mind, the footage is only 10 seconds, just to show what it looks like, but keep tuned in and watch the rest of the weird stuff they projected afterwards. I hope people didn’t think it was work by Takashi…

20oz bone in rib eye. Steve Wynn was a few arm’s lengths away. I almost hit him up for suggestions on what to get, but didn’t need to. Thanks for dinner Mr Wynn, or was it Takashi… I didn’t know who to thank.