I’m at The Palms Hotel for Cinevegas, in Las Vegas, a film festival in the desert. It’s already been a long day. I’ll get to that, and I’ll blog about it. However, the first photo is of the driver. It was an interesting and short ride from the airport in. I couldn’t help but overhear the driver. He was a nice guy, but the entire ride he was on his phone, loudly. I guess that’s ok, since it’s his car and phone. It was a black Escalade. The contents of his conversation was of note. It turns out, he’s a business person as well. I heard about some issues with his deals that ranged from lumber, wood items, and more from Ghana, a warehouse somewhere and issues about that. Then there was some kind of item referred to as Da Vinci, then I heard about $150 million and then a $200 million dollar deal. Then I heard about countries such as Dubai, Luxembourg, China, and a few others. It sounds like his business is gigantic and if it works, he’ll open a hotel or something. I hope it works out. This was nonstop talking, and he did speak quite clearly about his business using great businessman words.

That’s not the car, but it looks just like it. It’s Hybrid. I’ll find out what the gas milage is, later. This is the Cinevegas lounge.
sofas and snacks
There’s rooms for reporters to do their broadcasts.