Celery hearts

Markets sell celery hearts, and those are great since they remove the leaves, but it’s not what I’m showing you in this photo. I recently bought organic celery at a high price than the regular. But unfortunately or fortunately, here’s what I got: 1) there were only 6 stalks total. 2 of these were eaten by bugs. 2) After I peeled off the stalks, I got to this thing in the photo above. It’s a celery heart. It’s all fused together.

Look at the size of this thing. Imagine it’s a big solid piece of celery, and I was a bit shocked. I decided to eat thing and surprisingly the white part was quite tender and good. Sort of like the heart of an artichoke, which is like a solid piece of artichoke leaves, this worked for me. I don’t know how to find this again, but it seemed like an anomaly.