Korea Society NYC

Here’s what we looked like right after. That’s me and Joshua who’s from CollectionDX. The talk was interesting. It started off with an introduction about toys. The Korea Society had an exhibition of toys from the 70s and 80s and such. First off, who would show robots in an established environment? This is stuff for nerd / geeks. Joshua, showed a powerpoint of tons of images of toys that he’s aware of, and it’s strange manifestations as they went from Japan to Korea and into the hands of the creative bootleggers. Tons of images and tons of explanation, and then it was my turn. What would I do? I came in and had to contextualize it so people could understand what the old robots and culture around that has brought forth today. read Collection dx.

Kalbi? No. The robots and such brought out a generation of creatives. Imagine a filmmaker like Joon Ho Bong, who made the Host. Did he watch monster films as a kid? Did he play with toys? Of course he must have. The geeks who collected toys are now in power at creative places, and look at what they’ve brought forward? A new world of creative minds. Check out Korea Society.

Korean food afterwards was the call. Of course. Imagine that Korea Society put all this on, it’s odd, edgy, and who else would do this?

That’s Jinyoung who worked on this show and talk. She rocks.