My Bodyguard

My Bodyguard was a film that’s from the 80s, while, it’s been pretty much forgotten, today in NYC, I few personal mysteries were solved. The pond depicted in the film, where was that? Today my friend Claudine told me that the pond in Central Park is the one from the film, and she was sure of it. I argued that I thought it was larger, and there was more to it. I didn’t remember even banks all around, although I did remember it not being an oval, that it did have man made ins and outs. Today by the way, in NYC was perfect weather, people were out and about.

So after seeing the pics below. I’m pretty sure that the pond I saw isn’t it. It’s the pond where you can rent boats and eat lunch. It’s larger and close by to the first pond. After sitting there believing that I was looking at the My Bodyguard pond, I pretty much discarded any other care about any other pond. So now I’m pretty sure I know which pond it is. Either way, I guess personal mystery solved. 

Meanwhile, rent My Bodyguard. I think it’s a great film. If I had to show a movie in Central Park, perhaps this one would be the perfect one to show.