Bowling for mail

Being gone for a bit means mail piles up. Mail is usually good, and tons of cool things come through. Books, zines, comics, cd’s, art, gifts, snacks, PR, payments, and more. One of the boxes was heavy and larger. At first, even though the sides said it was bowling related, I didn’t believe it. I figured it was catalogs or books or something. But it really was a bowling ball. This one is from our friend Tim Hugh in Chicago, who’s a heck of a bowler. He let me play a couple of games, and I scored a 133 which is my record. I’ve bowled maybe 10 times in my life, and I tried it again recently and got a 115. Not great, but not bad considering. 

So now I have a ball with no holes in it. Tim said to start with your own ball so you won’t use the crappy balls with the odd sized finger holes in them which will ultimately make you suck. I don’t know about that, but now that I have one, I have no excuse. I’ll tell you how it goes.

Also: on a side note, Blogger has been not allowing people to put images through ftp for two days. That’s really awful and it’s hard to believe it’s still a problem. I’m sure a lot will suggest to use WordPress, which is what we should be doing.