Inclined band, reunited

This is a band I was friends with through the end of high school and some of early college. I’m not sure if getting back together is a great thing, since sometimes, the memories are better, but this band was together from 1984 or earlier to 1996, which is a long reign for sure, and I guess why not play a few more gigs. Reunion shows are in, right? Miles Tackett is also known as The Kid Named Miles, who is a big part of The Breakestra. Eugene Perry, the nice guy, is the bass player who’s now a web developer. The drummer prodigy, Steve Smart lives in Pittsburgh. Each are insane quality musicians. Each could have and probably worked as studio musicians, which means, they are great. They’re getting back for a few shows, it’s coming up this weekend. I miss them when it was about dirty Led Zep and Aerosmith rock n roll, before the hip hop and funk hit them.  Here’s a link to an article in the Palisadian Post newspaper. I worked there as a photographer once I think in 1989. I was their chief photographer. See the Inclined myspace for info about their shows.