The Judge of short films speaks

Short films judging for the VC film fest. It’s due tomorrow, I’ve watched it all twice, again doing my duty to take this serious since in the end, it just helps. It’s a tough one though. Imagine judging a doc against a narrative against a music video against an animation. How do you do it? It’s sort of like picking your favorite fruit or your favorite doughnut. You just have one, sort of. 

What about comparing the best type of food. Is it Vegetable, Beef, or Sweets? Vegetables are healthiest, you can eat it daily for the rest of your life. If you ate only beef, you’d shit badly all the time. Sweets only, you’d get diabetes, but it tastes good. Seems like veggies are the best for you, although good sweets sure are great. Great steak tastes good too. One is better for you in the long run, the others are definitely better in the short run. Tough pick in a way. I’m still deciding between the Vegetable and Dessert film. I can’t pick. 
I also saw Up the Yangtze a film about the river that’s being dammed and is displacing 2 million people and maybe now 2 million more. It’s an arty documentary. I’m on the fence if I liked it a lot. I think I was looking for it to be more informative, as in something I’d see on Discovery channel. This film is much more poetic and touching, something totally unexpected, and that’s why it’s getting some distribution, it has a viewpoint, tempo, art direction, and style.