Kissing Cousins

Amazing sight at the DGA this evening. Tons of people packed the lobby and it felt like it was opening night one more time, but this time Sunday at 6:30pm, when then became 7pm and then maybe 7:20 by the time the film began. Kissing Cousins a film by Amyn Kaderali was the special feature film that’s put in the middle. They call it a center piece film when it’s not an opener or a closer to get that extra special showing in there. Did you know that? I’ve only recently learned about the centerpiece spot in a festival. 

What did I think about the film? Honestly, it was a great first feature. Kaderali masterfully weaves a ton of characters to make a fun family comedy. I guess you can say romantic comedy featuring an Indian lead dude who’s just a dude and not an Ethnic portrayal. It’s funny, and he gets away with a lot of scenes that could have easily gone south. Impressive. I felt it wasn’t lit right, might be my only criticism. Maybe it was the projection. Either way, it’s worthy of support. 
Kissing Cousins site. This has to be temporary since it’s it’s an ip address. 
I ate one too many samosas beforehand, which were really good. I’m sure they were out there for Kaderali and his friends, but I munched as many as I could anyway.  Having that festival badge helps.
Kaderali was still being interviewed. He’s a tall dude picking his eye. The weird thing is, life’s grand during the festivals, but if you don’t have “big” (as in Hollywood) interest, it’s a big up that crests at the festival and then turns back into regular life soon after. But I think the highs are fun for that minute.