Takashi Murakami Davy Jones’ Tear Blum and Poe May 3 – June 14th.

Takashi Murakami’s show Davy Jones’ Tear opening took place at Blum and Poe. I’m sure everyone wants to know how much everything is. I never bothered to find out, but they weren’t free or cheap. They probably hit the 7 figures+ and I heard they were all sold. From one of his past associates, I found out it’s not uncommon for an artist to follow up a big ass show in the same city with another exhibition to make some sales, pretty much as I thought. The art continues to be great, in a sort of continuation from the latest works at MOCA. These really need to be seen in person to get the idea of what they’re like. From an image alone, you don’t get the idea. 

These works follow up on the second floor of the MOCA exhibition.

I heard that these works were entirely silkscreened. Many colors no doubt and huge and meticulous. I think it’s the first time he produced work in this manner. 

These works are actually amazing and will continue his tradition of art. The piece above has a little bit of old school and new. The latest flower style which you see on his mugs, and his newest style of his backgrounds.
A lot of folks steamed up the rooms. I’m sure it’s not so great for the works, but for a night, it’s all cool.

Seonna Hong, who I’ll be seeing in Tokyo next week. She’ll be there tomorrow.

Takashi Murakami and Mark Ryden
Kurobuta and baby bok choy and tomato at Wilson Food and Wine
Kobe style beef on an eggplant slice, asparagus, and flat bread and guacamole.
Tim Blum makes a quick speech. Tim Blum and Jeff Poe have done a lot for art in LA and maybe the US. Granted, it’s mostly high art, and it definitely caters to the heavy hitters, their clientele, the work by Murakami has transcended to the masses. They also handle Yoshitomo Nara as well. It’s work that’s infiltrated popular culture and brought a style of Japanese art to the US and they were into it before it was cool or hot. I’m sure they’re doing quite well as a result of their vision, and look at how many people they can host to a nice meal.
Tim Blum, a woman (I found out! It’s Tim’s wife), me and Chiho…