Videos / the thief and the musician

The thief struck a Giant Robot art exhibition in SF. Know who this is? This person stole a piece by Susie Ghahremani. Notice the lack of fear or any kind of hesitation. This person is bad person. Could you do this without any hesitation? Would you even think about it? And would it eat you up later? It’s sad to say, some people just don’t care and won’t hesitate to steal from a young artist. Sad times and a sad world we live in. Imagine that this is a stolen art piece, and not a murder, terrorism, war, or anything like that, and yet, this person still has to fuck up something that’s fairly pure.

The next video I shot while on Virgin America. Did you know they’ll let a passenger play the sax in an aisle? I’d much rather see a gymnast do flips, or maybe a stripper doing her thing, or how about a skateboarder pushing mongo-style? Virgin America is a lot more open minded in letting people entertain themselves on a plane which is shocking since eventually it’ll cause some kind of problem or complaint. I remember after 9/11 they didn’t want people getting out of their seats. If you hung around near the bathrooms, it meant bad things. Maybe it’s great that we’re more lax, and security is improved to the point that we can fly with a smile and more comfort.