NY day one Comicon, Buff Monster GR2, Kaiju NY, and frites

The NY Comicon is improved from last year. That’s the first thing worth talking about. Our booth is not among the toy people, which is how we do it in San Diego. I’m not quite sure why, but I think we’re happy being near the indie comic book folks, more than the toy folks. I hope the toy folks don’t mind. I flew in on the first flight and caught some of the action.

Anne and Michelle on west 32nd 

Buff Monster shows off his kaiju technique
Buff in style
Jimmy – the guy who comments a lot. He’s a tall Asian guy. Notice the hipster 15 degree clockwise rotation of the designer cap.

Kiyoka Ikeda’s Gargamel pieces at the Kaiju event.

Toy Tokyo’s space AKA Lev’s Apartment
Frites on 2nd. One of the sauces is a curry ketchup, the winner!

Night over.