Button collection – 1" pins

Button collection. I guess I have a lot. Like a t-shirt a lot of them tell a story of some sort. Where they came from, bands, clothing brands, events, and so on. I can’t say I’ve kept every button I ever received, but I do have most of them. Some are affixed to a backpack or hoody, so they’re not here. There are nice books about buttons as well. It’s just another collectible that’s been put into hardcover.

Jawbreaker, Eastern Youth, Melt Banana, Sleater Kinney, Asobi Seksu, and more. Damn the Past! is a reference to a film that showed at the SFIAAFF.

Tokidoki, Devil Robots, Rodney Greenblat, Super 7…

326, Murakami, Groovisions, Chiho, Nara, and to the right, the great times of Justin Lin’s Better Luck Tomorrow, when everyone was trying to get one of each person. If you put the last and this photo together, I’m proud to say, I have them all.