South Africa!!!!

I’m back in South Africa again for the fourth time or is it fifth? Anyway, this time I’m here to show my parents the land I think is one of the most beautiful in the world and it seems they are enjoying it. We were on Safari for three days in the Timbavale private game reserve, a one hour flight from Johannesburg. We had an amazing time checking out out the animals at literally an arms distance away. The photo above is a fresh lion print left in the sand.

Our guide Eric and tracker Philip found tons of lions for us amongst many other animals which I’ll post when I get back to HK. Check out how close we were to this lioness. The blue thing in the bottom right corner is my Mom’s shoulder. I think she almost shit herself as did I a couple times.
Now we’re in Cape Town. It’s my first time here and I must say it’s nice. Kinda like San Francisco and Barcelona combined. This time I learned a bit more about aparteid which again I will blog more about when I get back. Next stop Lisa will join us and we’ll head out to her secret spot where we like “to get away from it all”. If you’ve seen The Heavenly Kings, it shows up in one of the last scenes in the film and is actually where I wrote the script for the flick.