I’m not exactly sure how this all happened, but I guess sometimes, things happen. I get an email from some folks, and they seem really nice, and I met up with them. It has nothing to do with 7-Under or Kiks, but it’s all from friends of friends of friends, or maybe it’s friends and acquaintances. But the world works in odd ways, we all know that, and some how I hooked up with these fine fellas. I wish I could read Japanese better. I can spend hours on it and see exactly what everything everywhere says, but for right now, I’ll trust, I did at least okay… But then I look on the site under people. Whoa, there I am. And they had me write a little something about furniture, and that’s what everyone did. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote since I typed it and fired it off, but here it is online on my own spot. And yes, that’s Yonehara in the upper left, one in, next to Topa. Check out 7Under.net