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Daily Bruin on the Subverses talk that’s happening tonite. The flyer for the event is down a couple of posts. The article that came out today, gives an overview of the event. I didn’t know who Daniel Lee is, and, I guess I know just a little bit now. The talk will feature us panelists, and someone will probably moderate us a bunch of questions. It’s actually a long list that I’m going to refuse to read ahead of time. That usually blows it, and will turn it into a study fest. I’d rather go in raw, and that usually is more inspiring than researching someone else’s work. Either way you slice it, a talk is a talk. Will it break down the barriers of pop culture understanding? No. Will it explain everything you need to know? I doubt it. These talks aren’t going to change the world, but it might open up a few tired eyes, and might turn someone on to a new things or two, and that’s more than what some classes will do at UCLA.

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The good usually gets evened out by the bad. While one person is doing well in the world, another is taking a shit. In this case, we got two articles in a day. One good, that’s the one above, and the bad, which is below. Read the hate and lack of knowledge by this human butt plug. Just the headline tells you where he’s at.

GR’s a mag for 14 years, we have other locations in SF and LA, we’re a retail store, we helped pioneer the gallery in smaller shop concept, which spread like wild fire. We presented the Giant Robot Biennale at the Japanese American National Museum attracting 20,000 folks in 2 months. We helped launch many artist’s careers who are now showing in some of Chelsea’s galleries, and beyond.

He can say what he wants about the space and the clientele, but it’s wrong when he messes with folks who have done so much for art like Jordin Isip and Melinda Beck. They (and the others) do not fit this type of quote:

“At the Giant Robot gallery there were crude drawings with lazy and forgettable paintings. I guess one could describe it as snarky wholesomeness. To be fair, this was a group show and some of the stuff was well done—in the “arts and crafts” sense—but everything exuded this trait and there was very little in the way of a genuine artistic aesthetic.”

Our art might be 1/10 the price of the sometimes overpriced Chelsea gallery art. And to call our audience hipsters? Then what’s the Lower Eastside? We’re celebrating the sketchbook generation. The bedroom drawers. The art is a secret just starting to get out. And this teabaguette blames for faux bohemia? We don’t bust out the bubbly and serve cheese, we do the Red Vines and Goldfish and serve soda. It’s free, and you don’t have to dress up, be rich, or act important.

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