Race in America

I am not trying to turn my blog into a political thing. You all know I’m pro-Obama anyway, but I finally had time to sit down and listen to this speech. It is brilliant because it underlies the true problem with America that no one had the balls nor the clout to speak about before. Obama handled it brilliantly speaking straight from the heart, honest and pure, which further confirmed my support for him. You can argue that Obama’s too much of an idealist, focusing on generalities rather than specifics but in this speech he nails his point on race in America as the key to fixing most of our problems. (And at least he’s not lying about being shot at by snippers to prove he understands international policy like Clinton just did. What a strange way to embellish a story.) You can watch this incredible speech here.
Oh yes, and if you are an American Ex-pat working or living overseas get your absentee ballot here.