Happy Birthday Dad!

Today was my Dad’s 79th birthday. He looks great for 79. I hope my skin is that smooth when I’m that age…if I even live that long.
He was actually born on the March 24th, 1929 of the lunar calender. When he immigrated to America and they asked him what his birthday was, he just gave the immigration guy his Chinese birthday and never bothered to correct it. Kind of cool, I think. I’m not really sure how to calculate that far back but does anyone know what day March 24th on the Western calendar was in 1929?
That’s my brother in law Andrew and my sister Greta. We had a nice little dinner in Berkeley, then we came home so I could pack. Heading back to HK tomorrow. This was an awesome trip. Went to the film fest, met up with old friends, met very nice and interesting new people, ate good food and found peace in myself. What more could I ask for?