Easter 2008

That’s cousin Michelle with Sofia or is it Sophia with boxing gloves. You won’t see babies here too often, but this one was funny. What’s up with the boxing gloves? Also is she going to be called Sofie as a nickname?

baby coma – sleepy sleep – yes, I’m lame enough to have timed it with an intriguing image on the TV set. What does it mean?

food coma – sleepy sleep. That piece of stained glass is from way way back in my life. My mom got into stained glass, and it’s really expensive to get it custom made, so she found a hobbyist who did it on the side for fun. So she had him make a bunch of pieces and they look good to me. How did my mom know that whales would be so cool more than 20 years later?

That’s Eugenia sitting in some yoga pose. I’ve seen the fighter Rickson Gracie do this move on the beach.

That’s cousin Jon. He won a tennis tournament today. Kind of a piece of shit trophy for playing a bunch of matches in near 100 degree heat in the San Fernando Valley. Jon’s shirt is super loud, isn’t it? Why are some articles of clothing that’s tennis related so weird looking? I can’t see this as being the cool vintage re-release in 15 years. His hat isn’t that cool either. Jon’s the type of guy who just wouldn’t care that much, since he’s the guy with the trophy and the national ranking. If you give him some wood, he’ll build you a cabinet.