There’s a geodome at the Tomo and that’s where the annual filmmakers brunch takes place. Tons of people, fruit, coffee, and some snacks. It’s easy to say, without them, there’s no festival, but if there’s no festival, there’s less of them too. No dome, no brunch. It never ends. Everyone should be happy. Day 4 is when people begin to leave. Sunday. I stayed a bit longer and saw two films. The Yoshitomo Nara film and West 32nd. Less blog yesterday, which means, things were fine or I forgot my camera, and didn’t get to take many pictures.

Outside Marc Jacobs store, it’s near the film festival area. I’ve never been to his shop until Sunday.

at the Marc Jacobs store. Weird.

This is outside of West 32nd at the Castro. 1400 people packed. Amazing crowd who enjoyed almost each moment.