Hey Wayne! I met Wayne Wang and we hit it off like old friends. Why? Maybe because he’s read GR, and been to the stores in SF, and in LA. Or maybe he’s just a good guy. Most people probably have no idea who he is walking on the street. But he’s Wayne Frickin Wang and he made Chan is Missing, the prototypical Asian American film. These photos are backwards, the last is first. I did about 6 interviews tonite, no water breaks, and my throat is shot… but each were pretty decent. It went straight from maybe 9 something to almost 1 am. Some, I didn’t even know the person or their work, and still pulled of decent work. I think I’m at least okay at this on camera interview work.

Myleen the great on live.yahoo.com. She’s a little faded looking.

Brian and Lisa who can write themselves in or out of anything.

Chi-hui the man who can pump all the water of the gorges when he’s mad. You wouldn’t like him when he’s mad.

PCP’s art

Wicked Wayne showing how he’ll crush your skull.

Matrix with Dan the thrilla zilla

Daniel WuWear

Virgin America does it again. I wonder who chats with who on this thing. Did you know you can chat with people in other seats?