Albert Reyes – shave ice – the snow capped mountains

Albert Reyes came over to pick up some magazines, but now that I started this sketchbook with the Jarvis drawings, I had Albert add his 2 cents. I noticed he was turning the pages of the magazine while he was drawing. Does anything look familiar from issue 52? The funniest thing is he’s most comfortable drawing while lying on the ground. So even though he sat in a chair in the photo below, he then moved to the ground where he felt best. I told him, that if he does a signing, he should do it on the ground.

Issue 52 also has a great article on Shave Ice. I had some today at Shaka’s. I really don’t know where else to get good stuff like this. I swear, this is near par with what’s in Hawaii. Big size, and happiness all around.

The Shave Ice is probably about the same temperature as the snow in the photo, this is from the plane window on the way back from London. I’m guessing it’s the Rockies or maybe it’s Grand Canyon area (does it snow there?). I can’t be sure.