Time Style and Design

Just got back from another trip to Shanghai today. Last night was the Shanghai Chivas party celebrating the re-release of their 25 year whiskey. It was a grand event with everyone in black tie. Guests included, Tony Leung (The Lover), Gong Li, Jet Li,Stephen Fung, Karen Mok, Tim Yip, Lisa and myself. Jazz vocalist Laura Fyji performed a set of classic numbers. It was also the premiere of HAIR, the short film directed by Stephen Fung starring Karen Mok and Me! The film looked great on the big screens they had enveloping the dinner floor. I’m really proud of the work we did on this little short and Stephen did an incredible job. Much props to Stephen, best work yet! Oh yeah and the whiskey is great, nice chocolate flavor.

On the plane ride back this morning I was reading Time Magazine’s Spring 2008 Style and Design issue. This issue titled “Luxury For the Next Generation” focuses on the consumer shift in the luxury goods market to a much younger twenty something set. There is an article entitled “Not Your Mothers China” which talks about how the economic boom in China is breeding a new generation of Chinese youngsters who are leaning to enjoy the luxury lifestyle that their parents were not allowed to have.
Overall a pretty interesting article, but I was troubled by a section about a high end French luxury food emporium in Beijing…

‘Fauchon, where everything-from glazed eclairs to the brioche-is exactly comme en France, also holds regular “how to” evenings. “We explain you don’t put mustard in coffee,” says Natalie Monlezun, Fauchon’s marketing manager. “French tastes are so new here. They don’t know what goes with what.’

What the fuck? Mustard in coffee? I understand Ms. Monlezun may be making an exaggerated joke but it was definitely an off color statement. I highly doubt that the customers who are Westernized enough to go to this store and pay for their over priced groceries are spooning Grey Poupon into their Espresso. Chinese new rich may not know the difference between a Raclette and a Fondue but they aren’t retarded either. These people are paying a lot of money to learn from you and you ridicule them in Time magazine? Stupid and disrespectful comment from a “Marketing Manager”.
Fauchon…I will add that to the list of places I boycott.