Community Day

Clement from the museum is a good guy. I actually went to the museum for a few reasons. 1) to pick an item from their collections that’ll get shown as part of their permanent exhibition. I won’t tell you what it is just yet, but I was able to pick from 1000s of items. It’s cool to check out the many paintings that no one really gets to see. The next part of the museum was to talk about GR Biennale 2, the Wonder Years. Then lastly, to pick up some art. 3 meetings done.

We ate at a gang member restaurant, Homeboys Industries. I ate some interesting “Mexican food.” See the mullet?

Salsa is orange, the chips in a bag, a mango drink and a lemonade with mint and spinach. No, the spinach didn’t show up in the flavoring.

4) After the meetings done, and some art picked up, Martin and I had to saddle up and go to Culver High to talk to an art program.

Bueller? A lot of you have no idea what that means.

Martin in class. I think the best question came from the teacher, and it was about business end of art. It’s great that a group of high schoolers are being exposed to the fact that you can’t necessarily just draw and make a career.

5) The last meeting of the day, (night) took place at the Buddhist Temple. I met the author of this book, Dr. Jack Fujimoto who has some concerns as to what’s going on in the area. He’s a long time active person in the area, and I think he wants to start bridging gaps. I think he said he was 80 years old, and he’s hustling to get the area somewhat unified. It was nice to talk to him, and we’ll see where it all leads.

He signed me a book. He’s not a MD doctor so that doesn’t explain his crazy handwriting.