Rooftop – On any Sunday

Up on top of the roof of gr/eats, there’s an owl. I know people who like owls, collect them, and so on. But would they want this one? It’s probably super vintage. I wondered what the glass cup is all about? Sake? Was it some kind of Shinto offering?

See that metal thing? This morning we had to fix it which meant, take the whole thing off and work with it. My dad got some new bearings for it, and had to replace it. My dad estimates that this “blower” is about 50 years old. A new one might be $800, and the bearings itself were over $100. Eventually it’ll have to be replaced, but for now, it works. It’s also amazing how things were or are made. This blower had to be completely dissected just to change the bearings. I’m sure new ones would be made with a little more planning, even though a lot of car engines have this same problem. Need to change a gasket? It’s possible it’ll take all day just to reach a $5 part.