When I was younger, I used to think that politics and government didn’t really concern me. A bunch of guys in suits rambling semantics about policy and stuff I didn’t care about. But as I got older, I realized how naive I was. If you want to advocate change in this world you have to get involved, and that’s politics. If you don’t vote, assholes like Bush get into office and fuck the world up. If you don’t vote, our medical system will fail. If you don’t vote, we fight wars based on lies and thousands of Americans die.
America has never had a worse image problem and we can blame that on the way the politics game is being played now.
I’ve finally made my decision for ’08 and I’m voting for Obama and I’m proud to say that I have just joined his support team. I firmly believe that he will be the one to shake things up for the better, which is exactly what our country needs at the moment. Someone to change the rules for the better. Watch the video above to see some more reasons why I’m for Barack. I wish I knew as much as the guy in the video.
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