Hope the Rat year is filled with lots of cheese for everybody. Spent the Chinese New Year in Beijing hanging out with Cousin Martin and some old friends. On New Year’s eve, we went out to a friends house in the out skirts of Beijing, very close to where I shot The Banquet. We went out on the frozen river to shoot off fireworks. I didn’t know you could buy fireworks this big. It was insane. Since we were a bunch of naughty guys, there was no order to lighting them off. Midnight came and everyone went crazy. There were so many going off at once it felt like a war or something. Now that I think about it, it was kind of dangerous, but when the hell are fireworks ever safe? Anyway, it was a fun and exciting ten minutes of chaos and I’m happy to have made it out alive and with all my fingers. Check out the video I shot above.
Also went to check out the famous “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium as well as the Aquatics building. Pretty amazing and beautiful structures. Didn’t get a shot of the Aquatics building because they shut down the lights just as I was getting my camera. But I must say it looks awesome as a giant glowing blue block at night.