Young Buddhist Association.

Mediatation – nice banner. I had to read this over and over to figure out what this all meant. But this is what I saw when I pulled up and walked in. The YBA is a sometimes shrinking bunch, I heard the WLA buddhist temple has none. No members! So if there’s let’s say one, then they’ll go to Venice or something where there’s more. I guess next year there will be at least five, so they’ll be back. The group I spoke to were from all over, some even from Seattle.

I like this photo. That’s the McGee cover where I made him draw a Buddha. Ever see Barry McGee draw a Buddha before? I think it was the right time, right place, since he was actually in Tokyo with Margaret Kilgallen, going to hotsprings and such… I know he went to temples as well, and was having a great time. So he ended up making this, and it’s beautiful. The red part on top is stitched to the off white part. I didn’t know he stitched anything at that time, I sort of think it was Margaret’s idea. Hmm. One day I’ll ask Barry this question because I wonder about this whenever I see this work.

I think this was during the Q and A part since the light was on. A sea of Asians. I seldom get to speak to an entire Asian group, but this one was that, and I’ll guess the majority was Japanese American, which is maybe more rare. I hope I did a decent job.

That’s me looking at issue 1.

Does the sumo wrestler sleeping look like Jason? As soon as I said that, to the room, they started laughing. That’s big J on the left. Number 15 is Colt Brennan. On the right is Jimmy Shimomaye. Jimbo, Jim, etc. I didn’t know he dropped the Jimmy, and he’s not just Jim. I blew it when I called him Jimmy. He was the Rubik’s Cube champ at my junior high. 54 seconds. Yes, I still remember.