iphone pics 3

Awesome mannequin head. The crappy facial drawing does it all, and the fact that there’s no headgear of any sort makes this funny. It’s neck is also dirty. Why is it that a dirty neck is just disgusting? Dirt on your face, hands, and almost anywhere can work if you’re doing ditch digging, but something about the neck, just kills it.

Arty style. I hope the young artists of today can bring this look back. Their art would be so much better. If their face looked like this, it could be cool too. Do you think one needs to be tall to pull of this face and hat? Imagine if this person was 5 feet, would it work?

I don’t know why but Starbucks, has these ads, and it uses an Asian dude sitting in a field. What’s he doing? Is he waiting for his morning poo after drinking coffee? Maybe he’s happy because he just unloaded one in the field. Fill me in on this one.

Rainbows are still nice, even though some people including U of H didn’t approve of it for their team name. Rain with the sun out. Pretty cool.