iphone pics of the week (ippotw)

Daikokuya ramen in Little Tokyo. I’ve blogged it before. Pretty tasty, not bad for ramen in LA, which still isn’t up to par. Santouka is better but it’s thicker. This place has a mighty wait, that’s maybe too long. But where else will you go is the next question… Little Tokyo seems to have issues with the dining.

Cousin Dan was in town and up to no good. He looks innocent.

But look what he made me do. Yes I just about killed it, then killed myself. Half chicken please.

Hi I’m Yuki and I translate and write movie reviews and do many other things. Yuki used to say that people made fun of her nose. Elephant was her nickname as a kid. My nose isn’t so normal either. Oh well.

A sad sight. Why didn’t anyone tell me these were in my fridge, this whole carton sat and sat and sat. I don’t cook eggs since I have a cholesterol problem, so these are vintage. I didn’t even know they were there and I look in the fridge everyday.