GR2 Incidental Nature – PCP, Robert Bellm, Kozyndan 1/19/08 – 2/13/08

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Giant Robot is proud to host Incidental Nature, a group art show featuring kozyndan, Heisuke Kitazawa, and Robert Bellm at GR2.

Since making their debut in Giant Robot magazine, kozyndan (aka Kazue and Dan Kitchens) and their mix of precision European illustration in the style of Moebius and anime-influenced Superflat art from Japan, filtered through Southern California sunshine, has amassed a loyal following of fans and collectors. This show will be the last of kozyndan’s wooden bunnyfish installations, which have appeared in Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland.

Heisuke Kitazawa is a Japan-based illustrator and designer whose work graces video games, CD covers, and limited-edition self-published books. Robots and monsters, technology and biology, and blobs and angles collide, as his futuristic themes, modernist curves, and warm color palette create a glimpse into a world that combines hyper detailed science fiction with the cheerful whimsy of children’s books. His 12 digital and acrylic pieces will feature “ghosts, ducks, and emptiness.”

Robert Bellm is a Seattle-based artist who paints vibrant images from nature, such as flowers and birds, along with the occasional electrical tower. He calls the mix of natural shapes with manmade forms “organic technology.†The Art Center graduate’s bold and matter-of-factly executed combination is startling yet natural to most eyes–thought provoking yet pleasing. For this show, he is preparing 20 acrylic paintings on wood panels.

A reception for kozyndan, Kitazawa, and Bellm will take place from 6:30 – 10:00 on Saturday, January 19th.