Artists $ Corporate Products two in a day.

Got these two in the mail today. The Green Label art project by Mountain Dew soda. Yes, they work with many artists and creators and even re did their soda bottles. One of our readers collects them sort of and I’m sure there’s people out there trading them. They’re also sponsoring art shows, and I got this one today. It’s a T shirt invite for Scott Lenhardt who did some Mountain Dew art, it’s in Aspen, CO on January 24th. I’d expect this since Mountain Dew went pretty far with the “use an artist to decorate the product” campaign. You sold? Is it time to go to Aspen?

Not to be outdone by a soda, the beloved Jansport who makes the best backpacks around with a lifetime guarantee (yes, I’ve once sent in a bag to have zippers fixed for free) are now plowing into the art backpack scene. So here’s their site and you can click to see the artist site. It’s odd how the main site doesn’t show the artists names, but you find out after you open their special artist section. They’re having an event Jan 23rd in NYC and the invite doesn’t mention any artists names although they show some backpacks with art on them. I’d think it’s important to promote the artists with their products, right? We’ll see how long Jansport commits to artists projects. Keep in mind, the Jansport brand is synonymous with something durable, but not exactly with great design, so maybe this their way to appeal to the kids. Either way, the bags will outlast the artists! In 3000 years, there will be roaches, no humans, plastic toys, Ikea furniture, and Jansport bags.