If You’re a Vegan, Don’t Read This Post.

Merry Xmas! A bit late but I had a lot on my plate the past few days as you can see below. I pretty much worked through X-mas working until 2am on the 24th and starting at 6am on the 26th. We did have a cast and crew X-mas dinner on the 25th and I finally got to have my Kobe beef! It was delicious, however I would not suggest anyone eat an entire Kobe beef steak. It’s a bit on the rich side and is probably the same as drinking a glass of oil. I wasn’t feeling too good afterwards and I am probably gonna stay away from it the rest of my stay here. But you gotta admire that marbling!
Champion Beef. I worked pots and pans in the dorms when I was in college and one day I saw them unloading boxes of beef off the trucks into the kitchen. On the side of the box was printed: GRADE D GOVERNMENT MEAT FOR INSTITUTION AND PENITENTIARY USE ONLY. That was fucked up. Now I’ve had the full spectrum of beef.Kobe Beef Feast!