Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays for anyone who reads this blog. I’ve tried to put some of my thoughts in here, and it’s hard to all of a sudden just throw up a Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas blog, since for some reason, it’s the last thing I’ve been thinking about. Maybe it’s because I’m going to Japan in a couple of days, or maybe it’s something else. While we all shop, and I do this too, I’m on the other side, along with the store manager, Michelle who somehow is able to block out commerce in our own stores, and still seems to enjoy the custom of the holidays by going shopping, and going to parties, and all that to the fullest. Friend Bill goes to malls, and once in a while asks, “do you feel it?” He once took me to a few malls, and we’d walk through the decorations, and see a Santa, and would ask that same question. If I said no, he’s take me somewhere else, until I’d admit to something. Maybe I’ll be feeling that next year, I’m sort of on a mini search for it. Happy Holidays, for those of you who read this.