T Mobile Idiots

The idiots of T-Mobile. So my Blackberry 8700g acts up and goes to white screen every so often. So I call T Mobile tech support, they have me download two types of software, and neglect to ask any questions about my computer. I use a Mac. The files download and it’s obvious it’s not going to work with my system. I call back and talk to tech support guy #2 who tells me that I need Pocket Mac, that’ll save the day. I have that already downloaded, so I fire it up. The tech guy thinks, that some how, I’ll be able to upload new software through it. It’s supposed to be the files I already downloaded. I tell the guy, it’s not going to work. He tells me, that it should work, and all I have to do is use a program called Stuff-It to expand the .exe files I downloaded which will turn them into Mac files! Yeah! Awesome, magic. Well, I break it to the tech guy, that it’s not going to work. We go through many steps, and in the end, we get nowhere. Every road he takes is a dead end. He spends sometime surfing the web, and tells me that, no it’s not going to work, and he’s sorry. Keep in mind this is a guy in Pennsylvania, not India, or Madagascar, or anywhere else. It’s the USA and he has the label of Tech Support “Jonathan”. He then tells me that not one of their phones is supported by Mac. Since he gave me this piece of info, how did he think that I could put new software into the phone via my Mac computer?

We talk some more, and I realize, this guy is outmanned by me, and the entire tech department is pretty crappy. I find out that they get 4 or 5 Mac calls a week, and that’s it. You’d think with perhaps a million Blackberry users, more than 4 or 5 would call in a week, but according to “Jonathan,” that’s all they get.

So next I talk to someone in “Loyalty” department. Totally clueless folks again, who have no idea of what they’re talking about. I tell her that maybe to have my loyalty, they should train the tech support people with one sentence, “none of our phones are upgradeable by Mac.” Pretty simple thing, maybe they can tape it to the wall in the office, or maybe on every monitor before they waste 30 minutes of someone’s time trying to figure out some off of the shelf answers via their script. I suggest that she makes this suggestion, but in the end, she tells me I can do this, in effect for her. I suggest that she takes the step and make this suggestion herself, since I don’t work there, and they’ll just screw someone else if she chooses not to help, but she’s in script mode and asks, “can I help you with anything else?”