Giant Robot 1, 2, and eats

The stores are doing it’s thing this holiday. It’s hard to judge how it’s going to be, since retail was down for a while, but it seems to have picked up. The small shop does it’s thing and people seem frantic and happy. The employees are holding up, and they’re being troopers. They’re fueled by pizza and soda. I hear it’s pretty good. Next year, one of the projects in early 08 is to replace the ceiling tiles. Prognosis is good. I just found the place that has the original molds. They first told me that the mold was no good, but they were anxious to see photos of the shop with the tiles I have. The fella said that the tiles I have were made 40 years ago! No wonder they’re brittle. The wind can blow strong, and they’ll crack.

Gloomy plastic bears, they’re huge ones.

GR2. That one dude with a beard looks like a ZZ Top dude.

gr/eats Nelson holding it down. I ate the special, which was shrimp, vegetables, and rice. It was darn good. Sometimes, the most home style food is the best.

Thanks for the patronage. Don’t forget Giant Robot Silverlake. They’re doing it too!