This ad dude from Yelp writes:


Hope you are having a Happy Holidays? I have been thinking about you lately and how you just can’t afford to be involved in Yelp. I ask myself, how can he not afford to be working with Yelp. Your Los Angeles would be a huge magnet to people who are looking for you in the area. Plus, with over 300 people coming to your page every month to decide to spend money in your store, there is a huge opportunity here.

I have to ask, what matters most, price or profit? Eric, which would you rather have? Price only lasts for a moment and profit lasts for a lifetime. I am very confident that Giant Robot would b a huge success on the site. Plus, your success is directly tied to mine, and I wouldn’t have made contact with you if I didn’t think I could help bring you more profit.

Let me know what I can do to make this work, I know you will have extreme success, we just got to get you involved. What are your thoughts?



Isn’t this a fucked up email? It’s one of the rudest, condescending emails I’ve seen in a while, and it came from Yelp.

1) has this guy Brent really been thinking about me?
2) can I really afford to work without Yelp? I’ve done it so far.
3) “Your Los Angeles” Yes, “My” Los Angeles.
4) I get 300 people looking at my page? That’s it?
5) Price or profit and he inserts my name there? There’s some fucked up shit. What’s more important? Neither, it’s doing things right. There’s more to it, and if this dude had any business experience, he’d be cooler.
6) Giant Robot would “b”?

Pretty uncool Yelp.