Random SF.

After the Automator suggestion of the Yucatan spot on 15th and Valencia, and driving around the hot breakfast spots which are packed in SF, we were full. So much food, so good and on weekends, posole. I like this spot and the agua fresca is quite good too. I got the cantalope drink. SF never has a shortage of restaurants, but this one always has space.

Check out Mi Lindo Yucatan on yelp.

Dave’s car is nuts. I like it, and he’s going to give this to me soon in trade.

Owl of the day. Amazing work at Upper Playground. It makes noise through servos, and basically it’s like a pinball machine. When it runs right, it makes a rhythmic beat.

This is a nice dog. So mellow. The little one is mellow too and has a nice bell.

Later in the day, we went to some print place. SF has this indie thing where people who want to make shit can get stuff done in a community. I guess since it’s so spread out in LA, if you wanted to do this, you’d drive for an hour to find something.

Andrew Schoultz’s mural still exists. How did this work in SF? In LA, it would be gone.
Object of the day. Mao dogg at his desk writing standards of his own Red Book quotes. He had quite a robust hairline. This object was probably old, and I guess served a purpose of some sort, but was $485. Historical communist gear is expensive. I’d probably break it, but it would look great in a museum or something. I hope someone rad gets this.
They sell some of our books and have a neat shop.
Pens and Needles sells some of ours too. Tim Kerr and Rich Jacobs art. SF is an arty place and it’s fun to visit for a bit. I lived here once a while ago, and it remains a great place to visit.