Bizarre of Ozz

Bazaar Bizarre took place in SF on saturday, another packed event that costs only $1 to get it. Post running from the Art Center show it was a drive up to get in at 5am, and to check out this event. Modest with vendors behind 6 foot tables, it’s actually mellow and a well done event. It took place in what seemed like a community center in Golden Gate Park. I helped at the Cut+Paste booth, which was a busy place. Craft fans everywhere. From late teen to granny, tons of people did their shopping. It was pretty busy as you can tell.

The level of craft has improved a lot in the last few years. The fan base has grown with it. It’s a spot that’s either going to be, or is being exploited as we speak. The major stores will continue to make crafty looking items, and I think that means, it’s started. I’m not sure where and how the t-shirt booths fit into this whole thing, since that’s the easiest, and least crafty, but they’re there too.