Thanks Tokyo, the sushi was great!!!

We are out of Tokyo and now in Kobe. What a difference! Big props to Tokyo for your hospitality. Here are some final images…
The two photos above are from Tsukiji, the wholesale fish market where fresh fish comes in the morning to be distributed to Sushi joints all over. Went at 6am right after getting off work. We’d been saying we’d go the whole time we’d been there but the opportunity never came. So our last morning in Tokyo was dedicated to this place, even though I was tired as fuck. It was worth it. I’ve never seen a whole tuna before and there must have been a few hundred lying all about. We walked around taking photos and finally worked up an appetite to have a sushi breakfast. Nice way to round up our stay in Tokyo.
I basically grew up on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. My friends and I used to haunt all the cafes in the area talking bullshit into the wee hours of the night. F.O.B. Cafe is what we used to call the I House cafe. It was the International students house cafe so there were plenty of FOB’s there, thus the nickname. I know it’s kind of mean but I was a dick. Now I’m a FOB in Asia.
Any lonely ladies out there? This place is full handsome men ready to please you and take away all the days stress. I hear many a office lady have stolen company funds in order to keep up the habit.