Counter Culture

This is a shot of what we look like after a softball game. Maybe it’s a little better today than recent games. We’re now 1-9. That means 9 losses straight for us. We played decent defense, and kept pace with the game. No big blowout innings, it was a little up, a little down, and we came up a run short tonite. There were some stellar highlight reel type of plays. The dude wearing Adidas is Mike, he made two insane over the head catches that I was sure were home runs. He gets a late jump, but somehow stretches like a person at a finish line to make the play. It’s Willie Mays shit. I swear, but twice. Take that Willie. At this point, I can only seek the rad moments of a game, since we’ve been losers almost this entire season. Single moments where something neat happens is all I can hold on to. A funny base running incident, a good throw, a dive-yet a miss, a great hard hit that yields nothing except for a lot of distance, and some positive vibes, that kind of stuff. The photo above captures the hesitancy after a game, where big dude Jason is waiting for anyone except for himself to make a suggestion on where to go eat. When we win, it’s a definite, but when we lose, sometimes, we go straight home losers. So this season, we lose, and we usually go somewhere, but I know Jason is tired of saying, “Norms” or “Carrows” or “Dennys” so he waits for someone to make a move. If not, then he’s on it. Bill, the homerun hitter tells it like it is, we are going to The Counter.

At The Counter, you can build your own burgers, there’s a clipboard and you pick what you want, on it, from pineapple to salsa. Anything you want. The beef comes in three sizes, 1/3, 2/3, or 1 pound. It took longer to get a seat, but this was our last game before the holidays, so it was a send off from softball and the relationships from it in 2007, at least for some of us. The factions of new friends, old friends, and family will see each other, but some won’t see any of us, so it’s a “laters” until the first game in 08.

Above is the special Bloody Mary burger, which seems like an odd name for a fish burger. Some slaw, pieces of celery, a thick bread which differed from the burgers, a dark lettuce, adorned, the patty which was filled with spices that pretty much attack your taste buds in just the right ways. It’s really good. Our group of 7 shared two orders of sweet potato fries and the onion strings. They open until 10, so once in a while, this can be our spot.