Shaka Lesson

The other day, while watching a Hawaii game and seeing fans do the SHAKA, we tried to imitate it. My mother was doing it and telling me that it made her hand hurt. Her pinky could quite stick out right. Then I started doing it, and realized, I couldn’t do it either. See how the pinky sticks out? This hurts and it’s not done right.

See how the pinky won’t stick up right? It should be sticking out better or up higher. I should be a hand model, right? Cousin Jason who should be the mayor of Waikiki looked alarmed with his plate of New Year’s food in front of him. “No. You’re doing it wrong! People always think your hands are all tight. You’re supposed to do it relaxed, like this.” Jason demonstrated it, super loose.

Your hand isn’t supposed to close at all, and it’s super lazy and loose, as in “hang loose bra”. I guess Hawaii is a laid back place. People don’t have too many cares in the world, right? Crackseed, poi, and sumo. So a tight SHAKA is completely not necessary.