Iron GR Chef

Yeah, sometimes, I can do this too. On the left is simple. Brussels sprouts and carrots. I buy a bag of sprouts, but really, I don’t like them in a big chunk. I grew up hating to eat these, so I slice them thin as if I were putting them on a pizza. I’ve seen it on a pizza before which gave me the idea to cook them thin, since I liked them that way. The carrots are just a bag of peeled small carrots which I eat raw, but also chop into veggie mixes. I have to go a bit well the sprouts to get rid of the bitterness. I cook them with salt and pepper and cooking sake. The Mahi Mahi filets, same thing, with salt and pepper and I actually have this crappy salad dressing that I can’t stand. I drizzle that on the fish on both sides, and I let it rip on the grill. The larger piece was thicker, so I cooked it for a few minutes extra. Take them off early, since they seem to cook a bit more while they sit. Seems easy, and it is.