Views of the day

This is a sad ad. I’d never think that Charmin would do an advertisement like this, much less advertise much at all in a newspaper. But it’s an ad for Dick Wilson, Mr. Whipple, the face of Charmin toilet paper. He made over 500 Charmin commercials and I guess an ad like this is his send off. Maybe they’ll do some retro commercials. I’m not sure what a company can do to honor a guy who’s been their main man for so long, but I hope it’s more than this.

This is the inside of a switchblade. It’s not working right, so we were playing with it for a couple of hours to try and figure it out. It turns out the problems are the pins that hold one of the springs in place. Tiny, but they keep coming loose, so I’ll need to epoxy them to set em in a spot. My friend Shinya went to Mexico and I asked him to get me a bunch, so I think he picked up 20 pieces. As he walked to the border patrol, they were checking everyone. He was sure he was going to get pinched, but right when he got there, the border guard all of a sudden was busy doing something, so he waved him through.

Rambo, for Oscar consideration in 2008. The 2007 pictures are breathing a sigh of relief. Check out the spray paint graphics. You can have street cred with the aerosol and stencil look, the “crate” font makes it look military, and Stallone’s age is hidden!